Adventures With Barack
Seattle’s Maximus/Minimus is Barack’s favorite food truck! Deeelish pulled pork sammies, go get one!

Seattle’s Maximus/Minimus is Barack’s favorite food truck! Deeelish pulled pork sammies, go get one!

Barack Goes Ta Bawstin for an Advencha
Yea so ya know Barack went ta school in Bawstin, a place called Hahvid, it’s a school for smaht people, you know like Mahk Zukaberg, that guy who invented the Facebook (no not Justin Timbalake the otha guy!). So, aftah Barack pahk’d his cah in Hahvid Yahd he went to Cheahs where he oddah’d some beahs with a guy named NORM! He ate some baked beans and got otta town before the stawms and blizzids came in, but only after he ate some pahster and veal pahm in the Nawth End. Wicked Cool Mr. Prez!

Video: Zip-A-Dee Doo Dah indeed! This is the classic, the original, the one that started it all people - Barack rides Disneyland’s Splash Mountain. The very first video from the very first Adventure With Barack. Enjoy, sing along, and be careful, you just might get wet!

Barack’s Guide to Seattle, WA, USA
Headed to the Emerald City? Barack shares some of his favorites with you!

Pike Place MarketCheck out the fresh food, cool crafty stuff and street entertainment at Pike Place Market. Hungry? Don’t miss the Mac n Cheese a the Beecher’s store (yum!), tiny donuts served by tattooed donut masters of Daily Dozen Donut Co(delish!) and fresh fish from those dudes who look like they are from The Deadliest Catch (duck or you may get a wallop from a flying trout!) This is also the home of the very first $4.00 coffee Starbucks store.

Seattle Center, where lots of fun is to be had! Visit the Space Needle for extreme views of the city, stick around for fine dining in the 360 degree rotating restaurant. The Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum may be ugly, but it’s tons of fun. Inside this heap of metal you will find interactive music exhibits, a Sci-fi nerd mecca and a plethora of visiting exhibits that are fun for young and old alike. The Seattle Center is also where you catch Ride the Ducks - a quacky, wacky way to see the city on land and by sea.

Snackin’ in Seattle: There are too many good eats to mention, but a few of Barack’s favorite Seattle snacks are Icon Grill for delish American comfort food (fried mac n cheese bites!), Kingfish Cafe for brunch (order a ginormous flapjack AND the to-die-for for chickn waffle) and happy hour at John Howie Steak (tempura bacon. ‘nuff said).

Get your game on! Yes, Seattle pathetically let their NBA Suuuuuper Sonics slip away (granted with a fight), but there are many great sporting events to entertain and delight in Seattle. The  SuperBowl 2006 (coulda, shoulda, woulda)champs Seahawks play in a new stadium Qwest Field, which happens to be rightnextdoor to the new stadium for the Seattle Mariners. But the darlings of the Seattle sports scene are the MLS Sounders, who take the Pitch in Qwest field to the delight of vevuzela tooting, lime green drenched superfanatics. Check out this exclusive Adventures With Barack footage of Barack at a Sounders match.